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Supply List 

4th Grade Supply List

(1) 1 inch binder

(1) package of colored paper (not construction paper please)

(3) packages of white copy paper (500 count)

(2) packages of 24 count #2 pencils

(1) pencil pouch

(2) packages of looseleaf paper

(1) roll of paper towels

(2) boxes of tissues

(1) container of Clorox wipes

(1) bottle of Germ-X hand sanitizer

$20.00 room donation

Wish List: band-aids and ziploc baggies


     Please send only about 5 pencils to school with your child. You may want to purchase several packages of looseleaf paper while it is on sale during "back to school" time. When the need arises, your child may bring more from home.


                                                                                   Ms. Price