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Nov. 11-15,2019
Due Date: 11/15/2019
Subject: Reading


11-11  No School Veteran's Day

11-12  Vocabulary:  campaign, collide, consequences, drastic, elaborate, inevitable, loathe, predicament, provoke, retaliate, sanctuary, siege, subsequent, treacherous, vow.  Story:  "Bud, Not Buddy".  Skill:  Story Elements:  Plot, conflict, setting, character analysis    ***Students are expected to read the entire story by themselves before Friday.

11-13  Practice Vocabulary, Read story as a class, Discuss

11-14  Practice Vocabulary, continue reading and class discussion of story and skills

11-15  Vocabulary Test, Selection Quiz on "Bud, Not Buddy"



11-11  No School

11-12  STEM

11-13  Week 10 Read and discuss magazine .  Crosswords due tomorrow!

11-14  Crosswords Due,  Open Magazine Quiz on Week 10

11-15  Week 11 Vocabulary.  Begin Reading Week 11 (highlight important information and begin working on crossword)