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Feb. 11-15
Due Date: 2/11/2019
Subject: Language Arts

Reading--Figurative Language and Quiz on Friday

English--Irregular Verbs and Verb Unit quiz on Friday

Spelling--Greek Roots

History--Impact of World War 1 on Alabama

Jan. 28-Feb.1
Due Date: 1/28/2019
Subject: Language Arts

Reading--This week, we are taking a look at the differences between prose, drama, and poetry.  There will be a test on terms the students need to know on Thursday. 

English--We will be taking a look at verb tenses this week.

Spelling--Words that end in the suffix -tion

History--Important Alabamians in the late 19th and early 20th centuries

Jan. 14-18
Due Date: 1/14/2019
Subject: Language Arts

Reading--We will continue to study the mythology of different cultures.  This week, we will be looking at Egyptian, Norse, and Native American mythology.

English--We will be working with action, linking, and helping verbs this week.  Test on helping verbs Tuesday. 

Spelling--Students should complete their Spelling City activities for this week. 

History--We will continue studying the Reconstruction period of the South. 

Jan. 7-11
Due Date: 1/7/2019
Subject: Language Arts

****On Monday, we will be taking the reading portion of our Edmentum testing.  On Tuesday, we will be taking the math portion of our Edmentum testing.  


Reading--This week, we will begin looking at mythology.  Students will be researching a mythological person/creature, writing a summary of one of its stories, and creating a video presentation of their findings. 

English--This week, we will begin our unit on verbs.  This unit will take us about 3-4 weeks to complete.  This week, we will be specifically looking at action verbs, helping verbs, and verb phrases.  Students will have to list all 23 helping verbs on Friday for a grade. 

Spelling--The students get their new spelling list for the 9-weeks this week.  It should be kept in their binder.  Spelling tests will continue to be on Friday.  This week's words will go along with our mythology unit in reading. 

History--We will be studying the Reconstruction of the South and the impact it had on Alabama this week. 

December 10-14
Due Date: 12/10/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Reading--We will be finishing up our novel this week.  The students will also be completing several activities related to the novel. 


English/Writing--We will be working on our cursive writing. 


Spelling--Greek roots; complete spelling city activities


History--We will be completing our Civil War project in Goggle classroom. 


Christmas Party will be Thursday, December 13.  Cost is $3.

In-school Dance on Thursday, December 13.  Cost is $3.

December 3-7
Due Date: 12/3/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Reading--Continue reading the novel The Best School Year Ever (Chapters 3, 4, 5, and 6)

English--Interjections (Monday and Tuesday)

         --Conjunctions (Wednesday and Thursday)

History--Alabama's role in the Civil War

Spelling--Greek Roots (audio, meter, thermo, geo, ology) Complete 5 spelling city activities

Nov. 26-30
Due Date: 11/26/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Reading--We will begin reading The Best School Year Ever by Barbara Robinson this week.  Students will answer comprehension questions and discuss the chapters in small groups. 


English--This week, we will be learning about prepositions and prepositional phrases.


History--We will be looking at frontier life in Alabama.


Spelling--This week, we are looking at words that us the soft g sound.  Students should complete their 5 activities on 

October 29-November 2
Due Date: 10/29/2018
Subject: Language Arts

This week, we will be working on a project that will be completed during our reading and history time.  This will be a slide presentation on the Trail of Tears.  The students will be researching and creating a goggle slideshow from their research. 


In English, we will begin working on adjectives. 

In Spelling, we are looking at the ei and ie pattern.  Students will complete 4 activities this week instead of 5. 


Field trip on Thursday, Nov. 1 to the Birmingham zoo.  Please remember to send a lunch if you marked your child would bring one from home.  Please pack the lunch in disposable zip-top bags and in a plastic grocery bag with their name on it. 

October 22-26
Due Date: 10/22/2018
Subject: Language Arts

In language arts this week, we will be finishing up our unit on pronouns.  We will be learning about indefinite, interrogative, and demonstrative pronouns. 


In reading, we will continue learning how to answer open-ended questions about characters, settings, and events of a story. 


In history, we will begin studying the "Trail of Tears" and its impact on Alabama and the tribes of Alabama. 

September 24-28
Due Date: 9/28/2018
Subject: Language Arts

History--This week, we are learning about the American Revolution and the key figures, events, and documents that shaped the fight for independence.  We will also learn what role Alabama played during this time. 

Reading--We are continuing our study of how to analyze a text using story elements.  This week we will learn how to use those elements to write a summary of the text. 

English--We will be studying Pronouns this week. 

Spelling--This week the required activity is to write the spelling words and then divide them into syllables.  Students should also complete 4 additional activities of their choosing.  (The spelling menu is in their binder along with a list of the words.)  Their spelling activities are due on Friday. 


Students will have tests in reading, English, and spelling on Friday. 


September 10-14
Due Date: 9/14/2018
Subject: Language Arts

This week in English, we will be studying Irregular Plural Nouns.  Students will have a test on Friday. 


For the next few weeks in Reading, we will be learning about Story Elements.


Please remind students that their spelling menu is due each Friday.  A copy of the spelling menu is in the students' binder.  It is a blue or purple sheet in the spelling section of their binder.  A copy of the first 9-weeks words are also in their binder. 

Native Americans of Alabama Project
Due Date: 9/14/2018
Subject: History

     As part of our Alabama History unit on the Native Americans that lived in Alabama, we are learning about their homes. Each student will be researching what the home of one of the 4 Alabama tribes looked like and building a 3-D model of it. The model should fit on a sturdy platform that is no larger than 24 inches by 24 inches and not taller than 24 inches high. Please keep in mind that if your child rides a bus, he/she should be able to easily transport this project to and from school by themselves. As part of the project, each student will also write a paragraph describing their model, who lived in it, what materials were used to build it by their chosen tribe, what was inside it, etc…The students may use any materials available to create the model home. Parent/family help is strongly encouraged for this project. Class time will NOT be given to work on the project. Your child will be graded on presentation, creativity, and the paragraph. I am including a copy of the rubric of how your child will be graded for each component of this assignment. This project will be worth 3 test grades in history. If you have any questions about this project, you may email me at


All projects will be due by Sept. 14, 2018.  Students can begin bringing in their projects on Sept. 10. 

September 3-7
Due Date: 9/7/2018
Subject: Language Arts

This week in reading, we will continue working on answering open-ended questions using various passages from The Wind and The Willows


This week in English, we will be working on making singular nouns plural that end in -y, -f or -fe and nouns that have irregular plurals. 


This week in spelling, we will be working with words that end with the suffixes -ible and -able. 


August 20-24
Due Date: 8/24/2018
Subject: Language Arts

We will be completing various diagnostic tests this week.  Please make sure your child gets a good night's sleep and eat a good breakfast. 

State Symbols
Due Date: 8/17/2018
Subject: History

This week we will be getting familiar with the Social Studies newspaper and learning about different symbols for the state of Alabama.  Students will complete a crossword puzzle on Friday. 

August 13-17
Due Date: 8/17/2018
Subject: Language Arts

Monday--Genres and Nouns

Tuesday--Genres and Nouns

Wednesday--Genres and Common/Proper Nouns

Thursday--Genres review and Common/Proper Nouns

Friday--Genres Quiz and Quiz on Common/Proper Nouns